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Engineering | Neithalath Lab

AGAVE Cluster

The computing facility at Arizona State University is equipped with cluster (Agave) – CentOS 7.4 with each node configured with Intel Broadwell CPU containing 28 cores and 128 GB RAM. This greatly reduces the computational time for a Multiphysics finite element simulation. The parallel capabilities of MOOSE coupled with Agave cluster reduces the simulation time of a Multiphysics problem from an hour on an 8-core Lenovo Think Station to about 10 minutes on the Agave Cluster.


MOOSE is an open source, object-oriented FE framework, designed to solve large systems of coupled equations simultaneously without using the operator split method. The object-oriented architecture with customizable modules makes it easy to add new models to create new, fully coupled multiphysics applications as per the requirements of the problem. MOOSE is a fully coupled, fully implicit solver based on Jacobian-free Newton Krylov (JFNK) solution techniques. The Jacobian-free approach calls for evaluation of linear systems with effective preconditioning for optimal convergence. MOOSE also has massive parallel computational capabilities with the runs utilizing more than 10,000 cores.