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Engineering | Neithalath Lab


Publications in peer reviewed journal and conference proceedings in the following areas:

Cementitious and Cement-less Materials

  • Pervious concretes (Material design and mixture proportioning methodologies, pore structure characteristics, mechanical and functional performance relationships with pore structure, acoustical characterization, test methods for property estimation and prediction, computational performance prediction)
  • Concretes with cement replacement materials (high volume cement replacement materials in concrete, non-standard cement replacement materials, property devleopment, estimation, and prediction) 
  • Cement-free binder systems (fundamental studies on the effects of activator type, concentration, and addition method on mechanical and durability properties, reaction product formation and stability)
  • Energy efficient concrete systems (material additions for energy absorption and storage, phase change efficiency)

Experimental and Computational Techniques

  • Image analysis based techniques for characterization of random heterogeneous media (stereology and mathematical morphology, fractal analysis, reconstruction and computational schemes for property prediction)
  • Electrical impedance based sensing techniques (determination of early and later age concrete properties, assessment of developing microstructure with age, non-invasive property estimation)
  • Transport properties in concrete systems (models for moisture and ionic transport, dielectric property based pore structure and transport prediction, impact of ionic ingress on microstructure, electro-physical modeling of transport)